HotJava 1.0 for OS/2

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HotJava 1.0 for OS/2                    Samuel Audet <>

I've made this package to work with the ones for "Sun Solaris SPARC-based

machines (English)" that Sun managed to do.. some how.. anyway..  It's

available from where you can also

get the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) version.  The self extracting files are

actually ZIPs.  Both secure and non-secure version will work with the files

provided for OS/2 in this package.

You will need OS/2 Java JDK 1.1 (and whichever version of OS/2 gets that

running). It's available from

Once this is setup, unzip this package in HotJava1.0\bin directory

You will have makeobj.cmd and run.cmd available to use.  I guess their use

are pretty obvious, no parameters needed. Anyway, have fun with HotJava!

BTW, the screen size don't seem to get saved, you will have to change the

settings in pixels manually in <java 1.1 directory>\.hotjava\properties



Also, I know that it loads pages very slowly, I guess it must be the

pre-release JDK 1.1.1, or is it HotJava 1.0?

And last but not least, I am not responsible if anything happens to your

system, this installer is free and is only for fun.  But let me know if you

have any problems, questions or comments!


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