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         WINKEY for OS/2


         Support for Win**** keys  -  Copyright (c) 1996 Robert Muchsel



         Release 1.00



         Support for the infamous three additional

         Win**** keys found on many new keyboards




         Freeware (see end of this file).



         Many new keyboards have three additional keys to support the

         Win**** "operating" system. Under OS/2 Warp, these keys don't do

         anything useful. One of them even triggers a print screen.


         This OS/2 base device driver maps the left and right Win**** keys

         to display the task list (same as Ctrl+Esc) and the menu key to

         switch tasks (same as Alt+Esc).


         This software has been tested with a genuine Win**** keyboard.

         The key mappings work under DOS (both full screen and windowed),

         WinOS/2 (both full screen and seamless), OS/2 VIO (full screen

         and windowed) and the PM.

         However, I cannot guarantee anything.







         This software does NOT work under OS/2 2.x, OS/2 Warp is required.


         - CHDIR to \OS2\BOOT of your boot drive.


         - Execute

             ATTRIB -R -S -H KBDBASE.SYS


         - Rename KBDBASE.SYS:

             REN KBDBASE.SYS *.OLD


         - Copy the KBDBASE.SYS supplied with this package to



         - Reboot



         How it works



         Whenever the driver sees a left or right Win**** key, it

         emulates a Pen gesture(!). OS/2 takes care of the rest - whenever

         it sees a Pen gesture, it emulates the desired keyboard input.

         This might seem like a dirty hack (it is), but the session

         keys are hard coded into OS/2. Both Ctrl+Esc and Alt+Esc require

         21 packets to be sent to the session manager. I found no

         easy way to generate those 21 packets from a single key click.


         This means you cannot redefine the keys to do something more

         useful, e.g. to bring up the LaunchPad (which cannot be done by

         a hot key). So please don't ask.






         Developing this driver has taken a considerable amount of time,

         Despite of that, this software is free.


         However, if you (rightly) feel that you should donate some money

         or OS/2 development tools, please don't hesitate.


         My postal address is:                          Internet:


           Robert Muchsel                       

           Hegaublick 2

           78465 Konstanz



         Please do understand that I cannot answer any letters if you don't

         cover the return postage. E-mail is preferred.


         You might want to donate something to Amnesty International







         The author disclaims all warranties as to this software, whether

         express or implied, including without limitation any implied

         warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose,

         functionality, data integrity or protection, in so far as permitted by

         applicable legislation.


         All trademarks are property of their respective owners and appear for

         identification purposes only.


         You are encouraged to copy and pass on this program. However,

         - the program must be distributed in its original form

           (complete, unmodified)

         - the distribution must not exceed the equivalent of DM 15.-

           (US$ 8.50).


         01 Feb 1996



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