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** XFolder (w) (c) 1997-98 Ulrich M봪ler **



    This file contains a short introduction to the XFolder package, which

    will improve your WPS folders. See the online reference ("XFLDR001.INF")

    for details and a complete revision history.

    GERMAN: Eine deutsche 쉇ersetzung dieser Datei finden Sie unter "LIESMICH".



    WARNING!!!! This is a BETA VERSION, which means it was released into

    public in order to find out about possible bugs. This version is NOT

    intended to be used on production machines or any other OS/2 system

    which you absolutely rely upon. I have tested this version thoroughly

    (XFolder is part of my standard configuration), but depending on your

    system configuration and running software XFolder might run into


    XFolder is now registering five WPS replacement classes and is indeed

    beginning to influence your WPS quite heavily. So, before installing

    this version,

    --- MAKE A WPS BACKUP ---

    in order to be able to restore your Workplace Shell, in case XFolder

    messes it up.



    This is described thoroughly in the online reference of XFolder.

    Please double-click on "XFLDR001.INF" in the XFolder directory and read

    through the "Installation" subsection.



    Basically, nothing fancy:

    - Either OS/2 Warp 3 or 4 with the WPS installed.

    XFolder uses Warp 3 specific API functions. It will not run on

    previous versions of OS/2.



    XFolder improves your Workplace Shell by registering replacement



    --  XFolder can add entries to all of your WPS folders' context menus,

        whose contents you can define yourself by putting regular WPS

        objects in a special XFolder configuration folder. Anything placed

        in this folder will immediately appear in the context menus of all


    --  XFolder can also remove OS/2 default menu items.

    --  All folders can now carry their full path in their window

        titles (e.g. "C:\OS2\APPS" instead of just "APPS").

    --  There are freely configurable hotkeys for use within folders

        (e.g. F5 for "Refresh now").

    --  "Snap to grid" feature for all folders.

    --  Auto-scroll folder Tree views to make appearing items visible.

    --  Extended Shutdown / Restart WPS only.

    Please read through the "Introduction" section in XFLDR001.INF to

    learn more.



    This package is freeware.

    All rights reserved.

    There is NO WARRANTY whatsoever. Use at your own risk.

    See the online reference for details.

    (C) Copyright Ulrich M봪ler, 1998



    Ulrich M봪ler

    e-mail: ulrich.moeller@rz.hu-berlin.de

    www:    http://www2.rz.hu-berlin.de/~h0444vnd/

    The above WWW address is also the place where

    you will always find the newest XFolder release.

    You'll find some other software there too:

    the fabulous OS/2 CommandPak and my favorite

    icons for OS/2, all in 40x40 resolution.


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