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February 1, 2005

This README contains information about 

ISJ (TM) for eComStation and OS/2, Version 1.2

ISJ (Informations & Sets for JFS) is a small utility for JFS. It is used  

to view SuperBlock or change chkdsk state. Use "isj -c" if you have troubles

with JFS during cycle phase 3.


 -dN  - work with disk N, where N can be 1,2,.. N and mean Physical Disk Number.

        default 1

 -2   - use second Superblock. Default - use first superblock


additional options for set next reboot chkdsk state:

 -c clear check (set reboot check to "never"), it cause chkdsk not to check 

      JFS in next boot


 -s standart check (set reboot check to "standart check"). It cause make 

      standart check - check superblock, fast check for directory.


 -r repair check (set reboot check to "repair check"). It cause make full 

      check in next boot, it is EQ chkdsk /f.



   If you use "-2" options, next check will be over second superblock.

   This programm not need in loaded jfs.ifs


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