eComStation Maintenance Tool

eComStation Maintenance Tool


Copyright 2001-2005 by Charles H. McKinnis <>

Unlimited rights granted to Serenity Systems, Inc

The eComStation Maintenance Tool is intended to update an eCS

installation with IBM Convenience Package updates (known as fixpacks),

apply customized updates supplied by Serenity Systems, Inc, installed

selected features, or backout updates that have been applied.  It is

also capable of applying and removing updates from IBM and Serenity

Systems that are not applied using the IBM service process.  If you

have the eCS Pro (SMP) version, the eComStation Maintenance Tool also

supports the addition and removal of SMP support.


eComStation 1.1 and 1.2 ship with many eCS MT updates installed, and

eCS MT will record these in \ecs\install\ecsmt.ini.  After installing

and executing eCS MT, you can review these updates.


  I.  Functions

      A.  Fixpacks

      B.  SMP support

      C.  Serenity Systems supplied fixes

      D.  Drivers

      E.  Serenity Systems supplied features

 II.  Installation

      A.  Setup

          1.  Hardware

          2.  Software

          3.  Directories

          4.  Required files

          5.  Install

          6.  Hiding drives from eCS MT

          7.  Bypassing the internet connection

          8.  Applying updates from unzipped update sources

      B.  Getting started

          1.  Setting up for downloads

          2.  Selecting the download directory

          3.  Selecting the fix directory(ies)

III.  Miscellaneous

      A.  "Commit" processing

      B.  Applying service to a volume other than the current boot volume

      C.  Known issues

          1.  Errors in previous releases of eCS MT

          2.  Unable to start ECSMT

          3.  SMP and Peer

          4.  SciTech Display Doctor

          5.  IBM testcase kernels

          6.  Updates to CONFIG.SYS

      D.  Tools

          1.  Check OS/2 desktop

          2.  Using eCS MT with multiple boot drives

          3.  Reset eCS MT default screen parameters

          4.  Rebuilding the ECSMT.INI file

          5.  Rebuilding the SYSLEVEL.ECS file

      E.  Debugging

 IV.  Change Log

  I.  Functions:

      The eCS MT package has been tested for and should perform the

      following functions:

      A.  Apply\backout the following IBM fixpacks on an eCS system:

          IBM Convenience Package (English and Deutsch)

          IBM OS/2 Base Device Drivers (NLS)

          IBM MPTS LAPS 4.3x (English and Deutsch)

          IBM TCP/IP 4.3x (English and Deutsch)

      B.  Install\uninstall eCS SMP support on an eCS system (English

          and Deutsch) *

      C.  Install or remove the following updates from Serenity

          Systems (English and Deutsch):

          Java runtime update o118-20011106

          IBM testcase kernel updates (if available)

      D.  Install or remove the following device driver packages from

          Serenity Systems (English and Deutsch):

          IBM IDE DASD drivers

          Daniela Engert's IDE driver suite (DaniS506 DaniATAPI DaniN512 DaniBoot)

          IBM Adaptec SCSI drivers

          LSI/Symbios SCSI drivers

          IBM DVD/UDF Support

          IBM Single Mouse driver

          Serial Port Driver with PCI support

          Parallel Port Driver with PCI support

          IBM USB Base Update

          IBM USB Mass Storage Device Support

          IBM USB Communication, Ethernet, Keyboard, Mouse, and Printer Device Support

          JFS updates

          LVM updates

      E.  Install the following features from Serenity Systems:

          IBM Java 1.3.1 (NLS)

            Web Start & XML Parser Features

            JDK Runtime

            JDK Toolkit

          IBM TCP/IP 4.32 (English and Deutsch) -

            TCP/IP 4.32

            MPTS LAPS 4.32

          IBM Web Browser for OS/2 (English and Deutsch) - #@

          IBM Peer for OS/2 (level 8605, English and Deutsch)

          * eCS Pro features

          # eCS upgrade protection features

          @ eCS 1.1 features

      F.  Install the following features from InnoTek and Serenity Systems:

          InnoTek GCC Runtime Library for OS/2

          InnoTek Runtime for OS/2

          InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Java (runtime or SDK)

          InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Acrobat Reader

          InnoTek Macromedia Flash Player for OS/2

          InnoTek Font Engine for OS/2

 II.  Installation:

      A.  Setup

          1.  Hardware

              The eComStation Maintenance Tool must run from an HPFS,

              JFS, LAN, or CD volume.

          2.  Software

              eCS 1.x.  Testing is only done with the standard OS/2

              command processor.


              WarpIN at the 1.0.1 level or higher must be installed.

              WarpIN 1.0.1 is available on the eCS 1.1 CD 2 and WarpIN

              1.0.2 is available on eCS 1.2 or WarpIN 1.0.2 can be

              downloaded from

          3.  Directories

              eCS MT will search up to 4 or more directories for its

              files.  Those directories are:

                  eCS MT download directory

                    <current_boot_drive>\VAR\ECSMT\DOWNLOAD (default)

                    user definable

                    must be R/W

                  eCS MT fix directory(ies)

                    no default


                    multiple directories

                    user definable

                    may be R/O

                  eCS MT control directory


                    defined by eCS MT

                    must be R/W

                  eCS MT execution directory

                    <current_boot_drive>\TOOLS\ECSMT (default)

                    defined by user at install

                    may be R/O


              eCS MT download, fix, and execution directories may all

              be the same directory or some combination thereof, but

              the access requirements remain unchanged.

          4.  Required files

              Download the following files from that

              are required for the proper installation of eCS MT.

              a.  ecsmt????.exe (eCS Maintenance Tool)

              b.  ecsut????.exe (eCS Maintenance Tool utilities)

              The following files are required for proper application

              of IBM fixpacks and other Serenity updates.  If these

              files have been previously downloaded, you can move

              them to the eCS MT fix directory(ies).

              a.  SSI Dialog Enhancer updates


         (English) and/or (German)

              b.  SSI system updates (eCS 1.0 or eCS 1.1)



          5.  Install

              Install WarpIN 1.0.1 or higher.


              Navigate to the directory where you downloaded

              ecsmt????.exe and ecsut????.exe and execute ecsmt????.  

          6.  Hiding drives from eCS MT

              If you would like to hide one or more drives from eCS MT,

              you can create a file called in the eCS MT

              execution directory that contains the drive letters

              separated by spaces (x: y: z:, for example) of the drives

              that you would like eCS MT to ignore during execution.

              eCS MT will read the first line of this file when opened

              and will completely ignore any drive letters found in the


          7.  Bypassing the internet connection

              If you would like to bypass checking for an internet

              connection and disable downloads, you can run eCS MT in

              "no tcp/ip" mode by changing to the eCS MT execution

              directory and issuing "ecsmt no_tcp" or updating the

              eCS MT object with the "no_tcp" parameter or creating

              a file called "no_tcp.on" in the eCS MT execution

              directory.  The "no_tcp" facility can be used in

              conjunction with the "debug" facility.

          8.  Applying updates from unzipped update sources

              Note - This is an optional process and is not necessary

                for the proper operation of eCS MT.  Its primary use is

                to create a structure for applying updates from a hard

                drive volume (local or LAN) or a CD.

              Starting with eCS MT 2.1.0 the eCS MT -> Tools -> Prepare

              Update Directories routine has been updated.  It is now

              compatible with the updates that may be on the eCS 1.1 CDs

              and/or hard drive volume routines.  Users can build their

              own service directories utilizing the notes found in

              ecsprep.lst.  The update directories can reside on

              multiple volumes as long as the directory structure is

              maintained.  Support for the RSJ CDWFS file system is



      B.  Getting started

          In order to properly download and process updates to eCS, some

          preliminary tasks must be performed when eCS MT is first run.

          1.  Setting up for downloads


              You may get a "nag" message when eCS MT is opened that it

              is not configured for downloading updates.


              To enable the online downloads using eCS MT, exit eCS MT,

              connect to the internet, and start eCS MT.  When the first

              panel is displayed, select "Downloads->Download status".

              When the "eComStation - Download Status" panel is

              displayed, select "User id" under "WWW" and key in your

              user id for  Tab to "Password" under

              "WWW" and key in your password for

              Tab again, and "Retrieve FTP logon" should be enabled.

              Select "Retrieve FTP logon" to retrieve your FTP user id

              and password from  Close the

              "eComStation - Download Status" panel to save the


              To enable the online downloads manually, log on to

     and select any download for retrieval.

              Your FTP user id and password should appear on the

              download panel.  Record them for entry into eCS MT.  Open

              eCS MT.  When the first panel is displayed, select

              "Downloads->Download status".  When the "eComStation - 

              Download Status" panel is displayed, select "User id"

              under "WWW" and key in your user id for

      Tab to "User id" under "FTP" and

              key in your user id for  Tab to

              "Password" under "WWW" and key in your password for

      Tab to "Password" under "FTP" and

              key in your password for  Tab again,

              and close the "eComStation - Download Status" panel to

              save the information.

          2.  Selecting the download directory

              If the eCS download directory does not exist, it will be

              created as <current_boot_drive>\VAR\ECSMT\DOWNLOAD.  You

              can define a download directory on any non-FAT R/W volume

              and update eCS MT to reference that directory by selecting

              "Tools -> Select download path" and selecting the defined


          3.  Selecting the fix directory(ies)

              No fix directories are defined when eCS MT is installed.

              You can define one or more by selecting "Tools->Select

              fix paths" from the main menu.  The "Select fix paths"

              panel will appear.  You can then add a new directory to

              the list, remove an existing directory from the list, or

              change the search order of the directories listed.

              Selecting "Cancel" will discard all changes.  Selecting

              "Next" will build a new list of directory(ies) to be

              tested for validity and appended to the download directory

              when a search for updates is made during the execution of

              eCS MT.


              One use of the fix paths is to define directories which

              may or may not be present during the execution of eCS MT,

              i.e., directories which reside on LAN or CD volumes, but

              the function may also be used to reference other

              directories where downloads may be stored after

              downloading.  For example, my list of fix paths contains:


                W:\ECSMT\FIXES (where I store older downloads)

                H:\FEATURES\INNOTEK (where I store downloaded code from Innotek)

                H:\FEATURES\JAVA (where I store downloaded IBM Java updates)

                H:\LIBRARY\DRIVERS\VIDEO\IBM (where I store downloaded SciTech/se drivers)

                R:\ (my DVD+RW, which may or may not have a CD inserted)

                S:\ (my CD-ROM, which may or may not have a CD inserted)

III.  Miscellaneous

      A.  "Commit" processing


          Commit processing is not currently documented in the help

          files.  Only those updates with some type of a backup will

          be eligible for commit processing.


          If you select to "Commit" an IBM fixpack, all references to

          the backup directory and the archive directory will be

          removed from the system, and the backup directory contents

          will be physically removed.  The archive directory contents

          will never be removed.


          If you select to "Commit" any other update, the backup zip

          file will be physically removed.


          Committed updates will be so identified in the "Updates

          Applied" list.


      B.  Applying service to a volume other than the current boot volume

          If you choose to use eCS MT to service an eCS 1.0 system on a

          volume other than the volume you are currently booted from,

          you should run eCS MT against the serviced volume after you

          boot from it to correct some of the initial eCS 1.0 install

          problems (see also Known issues).


      C. Known issues


          1.  Errors in previous releases of eCS MT may have resulted

              in some errors in installing TCP/IP 4.32 and Dialog

              Enhancer updates on eCS 1.0 only.  It is recommended that

              you re-install both portions of TCP/IP 4.32 and the Dialog

              Enhancer updates for Peer 8605 to correct any possible

              problems. It is not required that you un-install anything

              before re-installing the Dialog Enhancer updates.


          2.  eCS MT may fail to start on eCS if the OS/2 Desktop is

              not properly defined.  To circumvent this problem, see

              "D.  Tools -> 1.  Check OS/2 desktop".

          3.  SMP (eCS Pro) installation on eCS 1.0 should be done

              after the initial install and after IBM Fixpack 4 has

              been applied.  Before installing the SMP support on an

              eCS 1.0 system, you will need to install IBM Peer for

              OS/2 (8605) and PTF IC31990.  Failure to follow this

              sequence may well produce a very nasty trap.

          4.  If you are a user of the SciTech Display Doctor device

              drivers, you may find that you have very slow

              performance after installing service, and you may need

              to re-install the drivers.

          5.  If you have applied updates to the kernel from IBM

              testcase, the application of an IBM service pack may

              back-level those updates, and you may need to apply

              them again.

          6.  There are some conditions where eCS MT may update your

              CONFIG.SYS file.  The old file will be saved.


              a.  Per IBM documentation, eCS MT will make sure that

                  the UNICODE.SYS driver is placed before the JFS.IFS

                  file system driver and that the JFS.IFS file system

                  driver is placed before the HPFS.IFS file system



              b.  Some early Java documentation recommended that the

                  statement "SET JAVA_HIGH_MEM=1" be added to the

                  CONFIG.SYS file.  This statement should have been

                  "SET JAVA_HIGH_MEMORY=1" and will be corrected if

                  it is found to be in error.

              c.  The "RECOVER" routine has never been updated to be

                  LVM or JFS aware and does not work.  If "SET DELDIR="

                  is found in the CONFIG.SYS file, it will be REMed.

              d.  The automatic power management (APM) routines were

                  never designed to function with SMP systems (usually

                  servers).  If DEVICE=?:\OS2\BOOT\APM.SYS, 

                  DEVICE=?:\OS2\MDOS\VAPM.SYS, or

                  RUN=?:\OS2\APMDAEMN.EXE are found in the CONFIG.SYS

                  file of a system with a SMP kernel, they will be


              e.  An error in IBM Fixpack 3 causes a parm, "AUTOECHECK",

                  to be erroneously added to the IFS= statement for

                  HPFS.  The statement will be corrected.

              f.  An error in the eCS 1.1 build of config.sys left out

                  the device=c:\os2\mdos\vcdrom statement.  The

                  statement will be added if not present.

              g.  If the SIO2K drivers are installed, the unbhsio.sys

                  driver needs to be active to prevent traps in the

                  SIO2K driver when re-booting.  The statement will be

                  un-REMed if the condition exists.


              h.  eCS 1.2 is installed with the following sequence in

                  the LIBPATH,

                  ... ;<boot drive>:\ECS\DLL;.;<boot drive>:\OS2\DLL; ...

                  This sequence will cause an application to search the

                  \ECS\DLL directory for DLLs before searching the

                  current working directory unless the applicaton has

                  issued a BEGINLIBPATH command.  The LIBPATH statement

                  will be updated to

                  ... ;.;<boot drive>:\ECS\DLL;<boot drive>:\OS2\DLL; ...

              i.  A long standing error in the IBM installer creates a

                  SET SOMIR= statement that does not include a trailing

                  semi-colon.  An eCS migration or subsequent product

                  installations may not take the missing semi-colon into

                  account and an invalid SET SOMIR= statement is the

                  result.  This invalid statement may lead to very

                  strange behavior with certain applications such as

                  Lotus SmartSuite.


                  The SET SOMIR= statement will be checked for a

                  trailing semi-colon, non-existent entries, and entries

                  not separated by a semi-colon.

              j.  The SET CLASSPATH= statement will be checked for

                  a trailing semi-colon and non-existent entries.

      D.  Tools

          1.  Check OS/2 desktop

              Some strange errors may occur eCS if the OS/2 Desktop is

              not properly defined.  To circumvent this problem, you

              will need to run the Check Desktop utility found in the

              eCS MT Utilities folder and reboot the system.

          2.  Using eCS MT with multiple boot drives

              To use the same copy of eCS MT with multiple boot drives,

              boot the to drive that does not have eCS MT installed,

              navigate to the eCS MT installation directory, and execute

              the build_folder.cmd to create an eCS MT folder for that


          3.  Reset eCS MT default screen parameters

              You can reset the eCS MT screen sizes and positions to

              their installation defaults by running the Reset Screen

              Sizes utility found in the eCS MT Utilities folder and

              and re-starting eCS MT.


          4.  Re-building the ECSMT.INI file

              The \VAR\ECSMT\ECSMT.INI file can be rebuilt to reflect

              all applied updates using the Recover ECSMT.INI utility

              found in the eCS MT Utilities folder.  To use this utility:

                a.  Copy your existing \VAR\ECSMT\ECSMT.INI file to

                    another directory and delete the file.

                b.  Execute eCS MT, select the download and fix

                    directories, select "Downloads" -> "Download

                    status", retrieve your FTP userid and password,

                    and exit eCS MT.

                c.  Run RECOVER_INI.EXE from the eCS MT execution

                    directory, selecting your current ECSMT.INI as the

                    target and the backup copy as the source

          5.  Rebuilding the SYSLEVEL.ECS file

              It is possible that previous releases of eCS MT might have

              corrupted the SYSLEVEL.ECS file.  The BLD_SYS_ECS.CMD will

              rebuild the SYSLEVEL.ECS file from information contained

              in SYSLEVEL.OS2.  The script can be run from the eCS MT

              execution directory and requires 2 parameters, the boot

              drive of the eCS system in question and the eCS release

              number (n.n) of the eCS system on that drive:

                  bld_sys_ecs c: 1.2

      E.  Debugging

          You can run eCS MT in "debug" mode by changing to the eCS MT

          execution directory and issuing "ecsmt debug" or updating the

          eCS MT object with the "debug" parameter or creating a file

          called "debug.on" in the eCS MT execution directory.  This

          will cause eCS MT to run with the VisPro Rexx window enabled

          for output and:


          1.  Write some pertinent lists to <boot drive>\VAR\ECSMT\DEBUG.LOG.


          2.  Display any programming errors.


          3.  Open called programs in a window and not delete the window

              or the created object when the program ends.


          4.  Prevent the deletion of the contents of the download work

              directories (WGET_1 and WGET_2) located underneath the

              download directory when a download has completed.


 IV.  Change Log:


        Support of Dutch language including SMP installation.

        Display download only updates as available for manual install.

        Detect presence of Pentium Pro processors and allow install

          of testcase kernels if applicable.

        Remove support for installation of the IBM Web Browser.

        Attempt to prevent program checks if LVM data is corrupt.

        Check the LVMGUI object and correct if necessary.

        Check SET CLASSPATH= and correct if necessary.

        Provide uninstall routine for InnoTek Java RT and SDK.

        Allow multiple selections to be hidden on the download window.

        Check SET SOMIR= and correct if necessary.


        The SET DELDIR= statement in CONFIG.SYS will not be modified.

        Correct error in updating multiple occurences of a file.

        Remove any dependence on CD label information.

        Correct Rexx error in drive scan.


        Check CONFIG.SYS for proper placement of UDF and CDFS IFS.

        Correct error in applying dialog enhancer updates when updating


        Add capability to ignore drives during eCS MT execution.


        Rework query of InnoTek installed status to eliminate possible

          traps when Crystal sound drivers are installed.

        Remove debug statement left in code by accident.


        Correct error in migrating dialog enhancer original modules.


        Correct invalid usage of IBMCDROM.DMD instead of the standard


        Provide a script, bld_sys_ecs.cmd, to re-create the SYSLEVEL.ECS

          file from SYSLEVEL.OS2.

        Ask for the version of eCS installed on a drive if not able to

          verify the version.

        The build_folder.cmd file run at eCS MT install will no longer

          attempt to clean out any files in the eCS MT installation


        Provide option of installing updated eCS MT modules after


        Correct error in detecting Java 1.1.8 update 2001-11-06.

        Disable the internet connection if the first attempt to connect

          fails.  Provide option to bypass internet connection.

        Migrate SYSLEVEL.ECS to \OS2\INSTALL if necessary.


        Correct error in migrating SYSLEVEL.ECS which could lead to the

          message that no serviceable copy of eCS was found.

        Allow eCS to reside on a JFS volume.

        Add code to detect the status of Java 1.1.8 update 2001-11-06.

        Improve handling of updated message files downloaded in an

          updated control file.

        Correct error in recording IC35005 as installed when superseded.

        Correct minor error in processing LIBPATH statement when not



        Correct error processing SYSLEVEL.OS2 when multiple eCS systems

          are present with multiple languages.

        Define the eCS temporary directories with fixed names to prevent

          the generation of multiple handles.

        Correct possible error when backing out IBM service that

          affects multiple components.


        Make the WGet SSL support a stand-alone, optional install.

        Record any return code from WGet in the WGet log.

        If necessary, update LIBPATH to make sure that the current

          directory is searched ahead of \ECS\DLL and \OS2\DLL.

        Allow re-install of Java 1.1.8 (necessary on some eCS 1.0

          systems to clean up original eCS 1.0 install issues).

        Correct patch to os2ldr with eCS 1.2.

        Remove obsolete entries from ecsmt.ini on migrated systems.

        Correct an error in applying Dialog Enhancer updates to eCS 1.0.

        Remove "orphan" updates from ecsmt.ini.

        Do not reset SMP support flag if Warp 4 kernel is detected.


        Tested with eCS 1.2 public release.

        Migrate SYSLEVEL.ECS to \ECS\INSTALL.

        Correct a minor problem with Dialog Enhancer updates.

        Enable the pre-selection of multiple items on the download panel

          if appropriate.

        Correct some errors in determining downloadable files.

        Remove the automatic installation of eCS MT code updates.

        Split the eCS MT distribution into 2 files, the base code and

          the utilities.

        Updated the wgetssl.exe installation routine to install it

          under the eCSMT entry in the WarpIN database.

        The installation routine will now clean out all files in the

          eCS MT target directory that it did not install.

        Allow user to enable/disable Dialog Enhancer and Theme Manager

          updates by displaying or hiding the update item.

        Allow proxy downloads without user authentication.

        Correction to ecs_wget.cmd to hide all passwords in log.

        Correction to ecs_wget.cmd for WGet SSL support.

        Work-around for possible hangs when running with Object Rexx.

        Correct an error in WGet proxy processing.

        Use "standard" dialog for all directory queries.

        Identify "exclusive" install items when appropriate.

        Remove the IBM loader update because the update is contained in

          the IBM kernel updates.

        Complete re-write of SMP install support to accommodate all

         releases of eCS.

        Correct a minor error in determining obsolete files.

        Remove files from lock file processing when unnecessary.

        Simplify download list display.

        Some more improvements in control file processing.

        Correct error in updating lock list.

        Improvements in the initial processing of the control file.

        Open the IBM service log if IBM service fails.

        Provide for limited editing of log files.

        Update display of logs and update information.

        Update WGet proxy options to provide for HTTP and FTP options.


        Correct error in determining download availability.


        Correct error in verifying root directories.

        Clean up some invalid ecsmt.ini entries.

        Correct error in help file display.


        Correct error in loading some extended Rexx functions.

        Validate \OS2\INSTALL\SYSLEVEL.OS2.

      Previous updates

        Add a small performance improvement if vrobj.dll is available.

        Add ability to have the root of a drive in the download and/or

         fix paths.

        Correct problem with handling exclusive updates.

        Correct possible error in updating PMDF information if target

          boot drive does not have a valid directory structure.

        Correct possible error in determining OS/2 kernel level if

          SYSLEVEL.ECS is invalid.

        Add support for eCS 1.2 SMP installation.

        Correct error in recognizing Mozilla 1.7.0 install.

        Removed zip.exe from the installation package.

        Correct error in installing and uninstalling SMP support.

        Correct error in ecsmt.ini update routines.

        Add tool for managing superseded and obsolete files.

        Support download of latest IBM printer drivers.

        Correct errors in IBM distributions of UDF, IDE, and USB base


        Corrected error that occurred when F1 was pressed.

        Add install of all applicable InnoTek browser plugins.

        Add support for eCS 1.2.

        Add support for LSI/Symbios SCSI drivers.

        Insure that \os2\pdpsi\pmdf\pmdfvers.lst contains the proper

          kernel levels.

        Correct error in processing locked files when hpfs386.ifs is


        Support for latest IBM Web Browser.

        Support for InnoTek GCC library.

        Support latest IBM TCP/IP fixpacks.

        Enable the selection of active downloads when clearing the

         download queue.

        Correct error when downloading more than 2 files at one time.

        Correct error in searching for expanded updates on drives.

        Correct error in dialog enhancer updates when updating a

          component that is not installed on the boot drive but has

          modules installed on the boot drive.

        Add function to extract and display update information when

          available.  In addition, the update information and all logs

          may be saved to a file or printed from the display screen.

        Add action buttons to the fixes directories selection window.

        Remove any EOF markers found in files read.

        Add support for Adaptec SCSI drivers.

        Correct an error in creating the eCS MT folder by replacing the

          WarpIN creation with the build_folder.cmd.

        Correct an error in detecting the installation of some Java

          1.3.1 features and installing the Java 1.3.1 runtime.

        Correct an error in downloading Java from InnoTek.

        Condense the dialog enhancer backup files.

        Correct an error in the German TCP/IP installation routine.

        Build an eCS MT folder with the program, readme, help files, and

          an eCS MT Utility folder.

        Remove re-boot message when a commit is successful.

        Re-work Download status window to detect the entry of an updated

 userid and password.

        All "fix" directories are optional and may be defined using the

          "Tools->Select fix paths" function from the main menu.

        Create a default download directory if it does not exist at

          startup.  It may be changed later.

        Made the "Download Status" window modal.

        Correct errors in TCP/IP feature installation routines.

        Add support for InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Java 1.4.2_04 installation.

        Add recovery routine for ecsmt.ini.  See the readme text,

          "Rebuilding the ECSMT.INI file", for details.

        Issue one "nag" message per execution if eCS MT is not properly

          configured for downloading.

        Correct error in navigation when returning from popup windows.

        Add a tool, SET_SCREENS.CMD, to reset the eCS MT screen sizes

          and positions to their installation default values.

        Correct scaling of windows and buttons to be based upon the

           screen height rather than width (dual head is a killer).

        Enable user to "hide" updates that are of no interest.  The

          function is invoked from the "Updates", "Applied", and

          "Download" panels under the "Updates" menu or by a RMB on the

          selected item.  Applied updates will not be hidden from view,

          but any downloads for them will be.

        Use wget.exe with SSL support (if available) for downloads.  To

          enable this support, the user will need to download and

          install the wgetssl???.exe (in WarpIN format).

        Enable installation of custom themes through the Theme Manager

          update process.  To use this enhancement, copy the *.idx,

          *.bmp, and *.res modules of a theme to the theme manager

          directory (\ecs\system\thememgr or \os2\thememgr and run the

          Theme Manager update from eCS MT.

        Make Theme Manager and Boot Manager update failures non-fatal.

        Rewrite directory selection routine.

        Enable user to change the eCS MT backup directory.

        Correct error in migrating eCS MT backup directories.

        Suppress console output from RESMGR.CMD when in "debug" mode.

        Correct error that results in the incomplete processing of the

          SSI updates following the application of a fixpack.  This can

          be corrected by re-applying the SSI system updates for eCS and

          the appropriate Dialog Enhancer updates after re-booting the


        Write most debug list output to <boot drive>\VAR\ECSMT\DEBUG_ON.LOG.

        Support update for eWorkplace 1.0.2 (English).

        Correct an error in the unzip routines that may result in an

          error when processing fixpacks or features.

        Provide for "commit" of applied fixpacks.

        Combine update and feature selection display screens.

        Constrict checking for updates to eCS MT to 1 check per


        Eliminate possible invalid test for Rexx TCP/IP support.

        Eliminate annoying message if a removeable drive not loaded.

        Correct error in selecting directories.

        Combine all of eCS MT into 1 executable file for installation. 

        Warn user of eCS MT base code update availability.

        Provide for distributing updates to the variable and message

          files without an update to ecsmt????.exe.

        Only check InnoTek ecsmt.ini entries when the target boot drive

          is equal to the current boot drive.

        Removed VX-Rexx requirement from eCS MT.

        Workaround for VX-Rexx function that results in SYS3175 trap in

          vrobj.dll if a path being searched exceeds a certain length.

        Correct error in searching paths that can result in failures

          when downloading updated eCS MT files.  To get the updated

          eCS MT using eCS MT, you will need to MOVE

 from the eCS MT execution directory to the eCS

          MT download directory and run eCS MT

        Correct a potential timing problem in processing WGet downloads.

        Support installation of the InnoTek Runtime for OS/2.

        Provide for the extention of the eCS MT fixes directory through

          the use of the "ECSFIX_EXT" environmental variable or the

          "ecsfix.ext" file in the eCS MT execution directory.

        All unzip functions are now provided by unzip32.dll.

        Correct error that will result in the deletion of ecscntl???.zip

          if the download directory and execution directory are identical.

        Convert text message and variable files to true OS/2 message

          files to eleviate possible storage contamination of current

          in-core arrays.

        Re-work determination of download, fix, and archive directories

          to allow user selection of locations and automatic detection

          of re-located directories.

        Change 4OS2 nag message to a log entry.

        Set and save selective ack off for tcpip.

        Increase numeric digit capacity to 18 to handle large capacity drives.

        Distribute eCSMT.EXE as a self-contained program.

        Modify clear log function to only clear a percentage of the log.

        Enable F1 for help in all dialogs.

        Support RSJ CDWFS as a target for directory preparation routine.

        Add \ECS\* to USERDIRS so that all eCS supplied IBM modules get serviced by fixpacks.

        Correct some titles on the German eCS 1.1 desktop.

        Do not allow user to proceed when a new copy of eCS MT has been downloaded but not installed.

        Bypass drive selection if only one eCS drive.

        Correct missing device=c:\os2\mdos\vcdrom.sys in eCS 1.1.

        Support processing of applied but superseded updates if the source and backup are available.

        Removed the download and install of InnoTek OS/2 Kit for Java until such time as InnoTek uses a naming convention that identifies the module as something other than "install.exe".

        Handle detection of strange installs of Mozilla and/or Firebird.

        Modify eCS MT install to bypass modules already installed.

        Display all applicable updates regardless of installability.

        Bypass downloads of ecsmt*.exe files if running current version.

        Permit the re-application of updates pre-installed on eCS 1.1.

        Navigate to the appropriate window when missing, superseded, or pre-requisite updates are selected.

        Provide supersede information for applicable updates.

        Handle updates to drives other than the target boot drive.

        Restrict eCS MT execution to MCP1/eCS 1.0 or MCP2/eCS 1.1.

        Provide pre-requisite information for applicable updates.

        Recognize updates that have been copied from eCS CDs to a drive with the same directory structure.

        Make the message boxes modal to eCS MT.

        Support download and installation of InnoTek WebPack for OS/2.

        Optimized for eCS 1.1 but still supporting eCS 1.0.

        Support installation of Java 1.1.8 from eC


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