The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of BeOS | Tech History

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What would happen if an operating system was designed from the ground up for the future, without any legacy code? That’s exactly the question that led Jean-Louis Gassée, former head of product development and marketing at Apple Computer, to leave his high level position and found a new hardware and software company, Be Incorporated. However, you hardly hear of Be or their flagship product BeOS these days. Why is that? TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 The Be-ginning 0:43 Not-so-Humble Be-ginnings 2:48 The Be's Knees 7:44 To Be or Not To Be 9:33 Being on the Pentium 11:37 A New Be-ginning 13:03 Why couldn't it Be? 14:10 Outro MUSIC: Virtual (Void) - The Cotton Squares (BeOS Remix) Weekend in Tattoine - Unicorn Heads Passport.mid (Roland SC-55) Man - Rondo Brothers Encounters - LEMMiNO Tiptoe Out The Back - Dan Lebowitz Church of 8 Wheels - Otis McDonald Horizons - Scott Buckley #DistrosProjects #BeOS #TechHistory #DistroHopper39B


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