ISO Installable File System Driver Package version 1.1.3 now available

ISO Installable File System Driver Package version 1.1.3 now available

Dynamic IconsArca Noae is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the ISO Installable File System Driver Package for OS/2 version 1.1.3 (ISOFS). Arca Noae wishes to thank Rich Walsh for his work on this update.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Reformatted dialogs to accommodate NLS versions (DE EN ES IT RU).

The ISOFS package includes ISODrive, which compliments the Arca Noae Removable Media Monitor XCenter widget (a feature reserved for ArcaOS) and also provides its own GUI for mounting and unmounting ISO files.

This is not considered a critical update.

If you have ArcaOS, language specific driver packages are available for download from the Arca Noae website as part of the Support & Maintenance subscription for your ArcaOS product. Please log into your account and see your ArcaOS order details page to access your software.

If you are still running OS/2 and/or eComStation system this may be a good time to consider moving up to ArcaOS.

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