Remote Printer Installation Configurator for RINSTPRN

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Remote Printer Installation Configurator for RINSTPRN

Last Updated on: 2001-03-29 오후 03:11


Product Information

Bus Type: Parallel Port 

Product Chip / Technologies: 


Driver Information Primary Driver 

Download this device driver: rpinscfg.exe 

Driver Support: OS/2 Warp 

This product is supported by IBM. For Technical Assistance, please refer to the following sources: 

Any README documentation contained within the driver. 

Technical reference material shipped with your device / system, 

The Users Guide to OS/2 Warp, and other reference material contained within the OS/2 Warp product, 

The IBM Software home page for technical support information in your country. 


Remote Printer Installation Configurator for RINSTPRN

Intended for use with releases of the OS/2 Warp product. 

Use with OS/2 Warp see the readme. 

This program helps generate response files for the Remote Multiple Printer Installation Program (RINSTPRN.EXE). These response files are input to RINSTPRN to install print queues, install printer drivers and update other print subsystem components.

Download and execute rpinscfg.exe then see the readme for detail usage. If you require additional assistance, please refer to the Setting Up Printers chapter of your User's Guide to OS/2 Warp.





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