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FAX and TELEX Driver Application

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Product Information

Bus Type: Parallel Port 

Product Chip / Technologies: 


Driver Information Primary Driver 

Download this device driver: cfxos2.zip 

Driver Support: OS/2 Warp4 

This product is supported by the manufacturer or a third party. 

For Technical Assistance, refer to the following sources: 

Any README documentation contained within the driver. 

The technical reference material shipped with your device / system from the Manufacturer, 

Notes that may be available within this page. 


CFXOS2PD for Warp 3.0 - 4.0

UNZIP the file 

See the Readme, License and Install Instructions 

The CFXOS2PD Printer Driver is an OS/2 Printer Driver that allows any OS/2 application that has a printing interface to generate and send Fax and/or Telex documents using the comFAX (in Europe) and Merkur (in the United States) product family. 

Using this Printer Driver, an application can simply "print" a document which will then be redirected, by the printer driver, into the document management system that forms the full product. 

The product given here is not the full product and is limited to creating a bitmap image of the fax or telex to an output file. 










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