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Product Information

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Driver Information Primary Driver 

Download this device driver: npmos2.exe 

Driver Support: OS/2 Warp 

This product is supported by IBM. For Technical Assistance, please refer to the following sources: 

Any README documentation contained within the driver. 

Technical reference material shipped with your device / system, 

The Users Guide to OS/2 Warp, and other reference material contained within the OS/2 Warp product, 

The IBM Software home page for technical support information in your country. 


IBM Network Printer Manager For Warp 3.0 - 4.0

UNZIP the file 

See the Readme with Install Instructions and License Documents 


IBM Network Printer Manager (NPM) lets network administrators who are responsible for a computer network monitor, control, and configure the network's printers in various environments. The printing environments can include TCP/IP, AppleTalk, and NetBIOS. You monitor the network printers with NPM using TCP/IP.


IBM Network Printers 12 and 17.

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