CDROM Drives, OS/2 Component Updates

CDROM Drives, OS/2 Component Updates

Enhanced IDE Support (IDEDASD)


Last Updated on: 2004-07-20 오후 03:16


Product Information

Bus Type: 

Product Chip / Technologies: All 


Driver Information This product is supported by IBM. For Technical Assistance, please refer to the following sources: 

Any README documentation contained within the driver. 

Technical reference material shipped with your device / system, 

The Users Guide to OS/2 Warp, and other reference material contained within the OS/2 Warp product, 

The IBM Software home page for technical support information in your country. 


This package contains device driver updates for Enhanced IDE DASD and CDROM support. See the readme file in the package for specific support information.

General Availability of IDE DASD/CDROM Support 

Device Driver Version 4.98 will be available to all customers for download. 

Device Driver Version 4.99 and newer will only be available to customers with a support contract. To receive new chipset support, you or your company must have an active contract for Passport Advantage with Software Maintenance. 

If you have purchased an active contract for Passport Advantage with Software Maintenance, the terms and conditions of that contract will determine the services to which you are entitled. 




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