UniAud Universal Sound Driver

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Uniaud release 1.0.9. for OS/2 4, 4.51/4.52 and eComStation 1.0 and 1.1


Thank you for downloading Uniaud 1.0.9.

Uniaud is still under development and we need your feedback to improve 

uniaud. Its very important that you also report soundcards that work! 

Uniaud is project created by InnoTek Systemberatung GmbH

Uniaud is based on the Linux ALSA project. Uniaud supports a broad range

of PCI audio cards/chipsets and AC 97 audio codecs. AC 97 audio codecs

you will find in modern systems with a Pentium II or higher build onto the

motherboard. AC 97 depends for a part of the motherboard chipset

and a small audio codec. 

For an up to date list of supported chipsets please visit the website:


If you card is not supported at the moment updated can be found on:


Uniaud in conjunction with the generic WIN/OS2 audio driver (now called

DTA) you can get soundsupport in WIN/OS2:




Q. What is OS/2?

A1. If You ask this You really don't need UniAud.

A2. Go to: IBM or eComStation.com.

Q. What is UniAud?

A. The UniAud project is the universal audio driver for OS/2 or eComStation OS,

   based on ALSA project

Q. On my great Thinkpad notebook everything detected ok, but sound plays only

   1 sec.What have I do?

A. Go to ThinkPad setup and Disable USB BIOS. 

Q. Uniaud detected my card successfully but no sound

A. Try to install uniaud with amount of installed cards = 0 (see section below)

   reboot and then install uniaud with amount of cards = 1

Q. Uniaud detected my card successfully but when I try to play something I got 

   error: MCI Error 5134: No device driver found.

A. Replace <boot_drive>:\MMOS2\MMPM2.INI with one, that comes with this pack 

   reboot and reinstall Uniaud

Q. Uniaud detected my card successfully but when I try to play something I got 

   repeat sound.

A. Make sure than your audio PCI device has exclusive irq (it is not necessary 

   in meanwhile but some PCI devices cannot work on same shared irq). 

   Useful tool for that: pci048vka.zip from http://hobbes.nmsu.edu

How to install Uniaud


Start install.cmd and click on click on yes or OK where requested by

minstall. You will get 1 or 2 dialogs where you can toggle the amount 

of installed cards between 0 to 1. This is set by default to 

1 don not change this setting. After minstall is finished reboot your


If you are having loops in the sound (when audio is played).

Or you get lockups of your system or a kerneltrap, do the following.

Restart your system. And when in he upper left hand in the corner

of the screen you see a white little blob. This little blob

is shown before the boot logo (with the OS/2 or eComStation logo is shown).

Press the key combination ALT F1. Then choose from the "Recovery Choices"

choose "F5 full hardware detection".

OS/2 Universal Audio Config.sys options:



- /V Verbose


        Where CARDNAME is :

        - SBLIVE      : Sound Blaster Live!

        - CS4281      : Cirrus Logic CS4281

        - ALS4000     : Avance Logic ALS4000

        - CMEDIA      : C-Media CMI8738, CMI8338

        - ICH         : Intel ICHx, NFORCE1/2/3

        - CS46XX      : Cirrus Logic CS4280, CS46XX

        - VIA82XX     : VIA VT82C686A/B/C, VT8233A/C, VT8235

        - ESS1938     : ESS Solo-1 (ESS 1938)

        - MAESTRO     : ESS Maestro1/2/2E, TerraTec DMX

        - MAESTRO3    : ESS Maestro3/Allegro/Canyon3D-2

        - YAMAHA      : Yamaha YMF 724/724F/740/740C/744/754

        - ENSONIQ     : Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1371/73, Creative Labs SB PCI64/128

        - ALI5451     : ALI 5451

        - TRIDENT     : Trident 4D Wave, SI7018

       Force detection of specified audio hardware


- /V Verbose

- /C    Enable CD output

- /M    Enable Microphone output

- /L    Enable Line-In output

How to uninstall Uniaud


If for some reason you are having trouble with Uniaud. Putting a REM in the 

config.sys is not the proper way to uninstall Uniaud. Start 

install.cmd again. Click on yes or OK where asked and for the "amount of

cards" change the 1 into a 0. After minstall is finished.

Reboot your machine. 

If already have minstall installed on your system and you are upgrading

to a new release you don't need to uninstall the old version of Uniaud.

How can I support the project ?


We need your feedback. That is the first thing! Report bugs via the forum 

on http://os2.kiev.ua/en/uniaud.bugreport.php

If you are having troubles post via this forum and not a mailing list.

We can not follow all mailinglist around the world. Second make a donation

if you realy like to support the project.

Making a donation to the project


Via Mensys website you can a make a financial donation:


Largest sponsours


Silvan Scherrer aka diver

Roderick Klein  aka eCSNL

Supported cards




82801AA-ICH, 82901AB-ICH0, 82801BA-ICH2, 82801CA-ICH3, 82801DB-ICH4, ICH5좲X440


SI7012, SI7018


nForce Audio, nForce2 Audio


AMD768, AMD8111




VT82C686A/B/C, VT8233A/B/C


AK4540, AK4542, AK4543, AK4544A, AK4545,

AD1819, AD1881, AD1881A, AD1885, AD1886, AD1887, AD1886A, AD1980, AD1981A, AD1981B, AD1985

RL5306, RL5382, RL5383

ALC200/200P, ALC650, ALC101, ALC202, ALC250, ALC203 

CMI9738, CMI9739, 

CS4297, CS4297A, CS4294/4298, CS4294, CS4299, CS4201, CS4205, CS4291, CS4202, 







ICE1230, ICE1232, ICE1232A, 

VT1616, VT1616i, 


LM4540/43/45/46/48, LM4549, LM4550, 



TR28022, TR28026, TR28028, TR28602, 




WM9701A, WM9703/WM9707/WM9708/WM9717, WM9704M/WM9704Q, WM9705/WM9710,WM9709, WM9711/WM9712, 

YMF743, YMF752, YMF753, 

STAC9700/83/84, STAC9701/3/4/5, STAC9704, STAC9708/11, STAC9721/23, STAC9744, STAC9750/51, STAC9752/53, STAC9756/57, STAC9766/67



CMI series PCI cards (CMI8738 (B), CMI8338 A/B)

Cirrus Logic:


CS4280, CS4281

Creative Labs:

SB Live!/PCI512/E-mu APS, SB Audigy


Solo-1 ES1938, ES1946, ES1969, TerraTec 128i Maestro-1/2/2E -ES1968/ES1978 series, TerraTec DMX

Avance Logic:



Ensoniq,AudioPCI-97 ES1370 Creative Labs, SB PCI64/128 (ES1370)


Trident 4DWave


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