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          USBMOUNTD v0.0.1

1. What is USBMOUNTD?

USBMOUNTD is an utility for automatic mounting of the USB media 

devices in OS/2 LVM. On plugging a new device to the PC USBMOUNTD 

automatically updates the list of the accessible in OS/2 removable media 

and assigns the corresponding drive letter. If USB drive file system is dirty

USBMOUNTD can check it.

2. How to use it ?

? LVM based version of OS/2, such as WSeB, eCS or MCP/ACP, 

   is required to be installed. 

   If your system use fdisk for drives managment  

   this utility is not necessary for you.

b) USB device drivers should be installed correctly. 

   This utility is not a complete driver set so that either IBM USB 

   device driver pak or more preferable cw-usbmsd drivers

   ( archive at have to be installed.

   If after the installation of the USB drivers and command "lvm /RediscoverPRM" 

   new device is unaccessible then correct the problem with base USB drivers first

   and only after that use utilities in this archive.

c) Unpack archive on a disk (for example, to d:\apps\usbmountd) 

   and add DEVICE=D:\apps\usbmountd\usbresmg.sys to config.sys file.

   usbresmg.sys is USB the manager developed by netlabs team.

d) Reboot your system and then start usbmountd.exe. usbmountd started

   with "-s" option automatically query USB port, and if any devices 

   were found updates LVM information.   

   Usbmountd could be started in detach a mode, for example from 

   startup.cmd file.

When new devices are detected usbmountd makes beep signals while updating 

LVM information.

3. A command line parameters.

usbmountd.exe [-n] [-l logname] [-t msec] [-s] [-?]

-n silence (makes no beep signals while updating LVM info)

-s update LVM information on start up.

-l log filename (can be pipe, for example \pipe\usbmountd.log)

-t time delay before updating LVM information after detection of a new device. 

   By default - 600ms

-c Automatic check mounted device if it has dirty flag.

-? To show help

4. The author

The author of this utility is Alex Samorukov. Write your comments,

bugreports and wishes to

5. Big thanks to.


 Alex Taylor - author of the LVM toolkit

 Netlabs team for the USB driver and documentation.

 Nick Poendaev - for english doc proofreading.


6. Todo list.

Further I plan to add the following features:

1) Possibility to the user to filter which devices would allow to react 

   (using vendor id and device id).


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