TCP/IP 2.0 for OS/2

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  TCP/IP 2.0 for OS/2 Installation Addenda

        This file contains changes and corrections that apply to the

        installation procedure, and ships with all kits.

        Each kit can contain its own specific README file.  Please see

        the READ ME FIRST icon in the Read Me folder within the TCP/IP

        folder for more information about kit specific readme files.

        The information in this file is organized as follows:

          1. Pre-Installation steps for installing the Base Kit

          2. Global Kit Changes

          3. Changes to Base and Applications Kits

  1. Pre-Installation steps for installing the Base Kit

        If you already have a version of IBM TCP/IP installed and are

        installing the TCP/IP Version 2.0 for OS/2 Base Kit to a

        different directory from where the previous version is

        installed, you will need to modify your CONFIG.SYS before

        installing the TCP/IP Version 2.0 for OS/2 Base Kit.

        Following is an explanation of the changes that have to be

        made to your CONFIG.SYS file:

            1. Delete or comment out the line which contains the

               command to SET the ETC environment variable:

               REM SET ETC=C:\TCPIP\ETC

            2. Remove any references to the old TCP/IP's DLL directory

               from the LIBPATH statement.

            3. Remove any references to the old TCP/IP's directories

               from the following list of environment variables:

               SET BOOKSHELF=

               SET READIBM=

               SET HELP=

               SET PATH=

        If you do not follow these steps before installing, the

        install program will use the previously defined ETC

        environment variable from the CONFIG.SYS file to store TCP/IP

        configuration files.

        To correctly complete your installation, and to prevent

        the loss of configuration files in the event you erase the

        directories where you had previously installed TCP/IP, you

        must complete the following steps:

            1. Copy all of the files (including all of the

               subdirectories) from the previously installed TCP/IP's

               ETC directory to the newly installed TCP/IP Version 2.0

               for OS/2 Base Kit's ETC directory.  Example:

               [C:\]xcopy /s %etc%\*.* <TCPIP_Install_Path>\etc

            2. Update the line in your CONFIG.SYS which contains the

               command to SET the ETC environment variable.  This

               should be updated so that it points to the ETC

               directory off of the path where you installed the new

               copy of the TCP/IP Version 2.0 for OS/2 Base Kit.


               SET ETC=<TCPIP_Install_Path>\ETC

            3. Follow steps #2 and #3 outlined above to update your

               CONFIG.SYS file.

  2. Global Kit Changes



        If you are installing TCP/IP 2.0 for OS/2 over an existing

        TCP/IP, you should save the configuration-related files in a

        directory other than the directory in which your current

        TCP/IP resides.  If you do not save these files, the TCP/IP

        installation process will overwrite them.  The configuration

        files you should save are:


        BIN\X25.CMD           DOS\ETC\HOSTS        DOS\ETC\RESOLV



        ETC\PROTOCOL          ETC\RPC              ETC\SENDMAIL.CF

        ETC\SERVICES          ETC\SLIP.CFG         ETC\X25*.CFG

        ETC\X25IP             ETC\X25RTE           ETC\X25DIR




        The TCP/IP publications in softcopy are included on the installation

        diskettes, and are installed in the TCPIP\DOC\ subdirectory when you

        install TCP/IP.

        When you install the Base or Applications kit, you must select

        to install the basic publications if you want them.  The

        "User's Guide" and "Installation and Administration" books are

        installed in BookManager format, while the "Command Reference"

        is installed in INF format.

        When you install the other kits, their publications are

        automatically installed in BookManager format.

        In either case, in order to read the BookManager publications,

        you need either IBM BookManager or the IBM Library Reader.  If

        you do not have one of these, you can select to install the

        IBM Library Reader when you install TCP/IP.

  2. Changes to Base and Applications Kits


        When you install the base kit, the LaMail application is no

        longer installed automatically.  Instead, you must select

        LaMail from the installation menu before you select INSTALL.

        Because there is a problem in LaMail installation, the LaMail

        icon appears in the TCP/IP folder whether or not you install



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