OS/2 SAMBA client

                           OS/2 SAMBA client




 1. Introduction

 2. License

 3. Installation

 4. SMBCD.EXE usage

 5. NDPSMB.DLL usage

 6. Changelog

1. Introduction


SAMBA is a SMB/CIFS protocols file and print sharing server/client set originaly

made for UNIX world to cooperate with corresponding Windows and OS/2 servers or

clients. OS/2 has native implementation of SMB/CIFS server/client set - IBM LAN

Manager and IBM Peer. These products haven't been updated for a long time and

have some compatibility problems with modern Windows SMB/CIFS implementations.

This package is the OS/2 port of SAMBA 3.0.27a client made as the plugin to

NetDrive - a well known virtual file system for OS/2. OS/2 SAMBA client provides

seamless access to SMB/CIFS file shares over your network using TCP/IP as the

underlying transport protocol.

The OS/2 SAMBA client consists of two modules:

   ndpsmb.dll - the NetDrive plugin itself.

   smbcd.exe  - the SAMBA client daemon, which actually processes the requests

                from ndpsmb.dll.

2. License


SAMBA is freely available under the GNU General Public License. You can get

the full sourcecode from our SVN repository, please refer to the SAMBA for OS/2

and eCS Homepage for details about downloading the source.

The NetDrive plugin is also available with full sourcecode.

If you are using our plugin we kindly ask you to support netlabs.org.

Please refer to the SAMBA for OS/2 and eCS Homepage to learn how you can do



SAMBA for OS/2 and eCS Homepage: http://svn.netlabs.org/samba

NetDrive Homepage: http://www.blueprintsoftwareworks.com/netdrive/

SAMBA Homepage: http://www.samba.org/

3. Installation


You must have NetDrive 2.2.1 or newer installed prior to installation of this

package. If you want to use 64bit file API, you should install 2.3 or newer

version of NetDrive. The installation is semi-automatic and consists of two 


  - libc installation :

      Put libc063.dll available from ftp://ftp.netlabs.org/pub/gcc/libc-0.6.3-csd3.zip (the kLibc gcc runtime dll) somewhere in your LIBPATH, if it is not here already.

  - ndpsmb.dll and smbcd.exe installation :

      Run instpl.cmd from this package. The installer will place smbcd.exe in 

      the Netdrive home directory. When you will connect to CIFS share using the

      ndpsmb plugin, it will start the smbcd.exe  automatically from this 

      directory. However, you can start it manually, if you want.

4. SMBCD.EXE Usage


SMBCD.EXE has the following parameters:

  -d <debuglevel> (or --debug <debuglevel>) - debug level of output from 0 to 9.

The more debug level provides more debugging output from SMBCD.EXE which may 

be used to solve the problems.

  -l <logfile> (or --logfile <logfile>) - the filename to write the debug info

from smbcd.exe. Default is to print all debug info to STDOUT stream.

  -q (or --quiet) - tells smbcd.exe to be absolutely quiet.



NetDrive SAMBA plugin is used according to general NetDrive usage rules. Read

the NetDrive documentation for more information. The SMB/CIFS resources could

be mounted either using command line nd.exe utility or WPS ndpm.exe utility of


The NetDrive SAMBA plugin parameters are:

   workgroup   - the name of workgroup to connect to.

   server      - the name of server to connect to.

   share       - the name of server resource (share) to connect to.

   user        - the name of user to login under.

   password    - the password of selected user.

   master      - the name of 'master' server or workgroup, used to get the list

                 of workgroups when the concrete workgroup and server not


   masterttype - 0 if 'master' is the name of master server, 1 if 'master' is

                 the name of master workgroup.

   memlen      - the size of shared memory buffer allocated for every connection

                 to SBM/CIFS resources in size of 64k blocks. The higher values

                 could provide better access speed, but consume more memory.

   logfile     - file to log records from smbcd.exe. Used only in smbcd.exe 

                 is run by ndpsmb.dll plugin, not manually

   loglevel    - level of logging (0-9) for smbcd.exe. Used only in smbcd.exe 

                 is run by ndpsmb.dll plugin, not manually

   easupport   - 1 to support OS/2 Extended Attributes, 0 to not support it

To mount the a exact server's share one need to specify both 'server' and

'share' parametres, the other parametres are optional. The root path of

server's share will be mounted to the mounting path.

If one want to access all servers shares, the only the 'server', not the 'share'

parameter, should be specified,the other parametres are optional. The list of

server's shares will be mounted to the mounting path.

If one want to access all servers within the workgroup, the only the 'workgroup',

not the 'server' parameter, should be specified, the other parametres are

optional. The list of servers within the specified workgroup will be mounted to

the mounting path.

If one want to access all available workgroups within one master browser

in network, the only the 'master', not the 'workgroup' or 'server' parameter,

should be specified, the other parametres are optional. The list of workgroups

will be mounted to the mounting path. The 'master' workgroup can be any known

workgroup in the net. The 'master' server should be the master browser for


By default the 'guest' user with blank password is used to access selected

resources. If you get access denied (5) errors, try to specify another user and

password combination.

6. Changelog



   - changelog created

   - fixed a bug with several network interfaces on one system

   - fixed a bug with broken cmd.exe builtin commands

   - fixed a bug with wrong dates of new and modified files

   - fixed a bunch of other bugs which are too small to remember ;)

   - smbcd.exe compiled against old tcp/ip stack interface


   - fixed errors on write to eCs shares

   - more fixes for wrong dates of files


   - added file locking

   - added 64bit file IO (when working with NDFS 2.3+)

   - moved to 3.0.9 samba code


   - fixed set attribute bug introduced in beta 5

   - implemented setnewfilesize function. It may work not on all CIFS servers.

   - added automatic smbcd.exe starting if not started when connecting to CIFS share

   - added 'logfile' and 'loglevel' options to ndpsmb


   - moved to libc06b4.dll libc.


   - moved back to libc custom build. 

   - added EA support

   - a bunch of bugs fixed


   - added EA support for DosOpen which was forgotten in beta8


   - caching of EA size after file find request

   - moved to libc06b5.dll libc


   - moved to libc06r1.dll libc


   - NdpRsrcQueryFSAllocate rewritten

   - moved to libc06.dll from GA2 release

 beta13, the lucky one:

   - moved to libc061.dll from CSD1 release


   - moved to libc custom build


   - moved to 3.0.25rc3 samba code

   - moved to GCC for compiler for ndpsmb.dll

   - updated libc custom build


   - moved to 3.0.25a samba code

   - moved to libc063.dll from CSD3 release

   - timezone fixes from Yuri


   - Updated to 3.0.25b source code


   - DBCS fixes (Fixes ticket #20)

   - Minor changes to error return codes (Fixes ticket #21)

   - removed dependency on ldap.dll


   - don't log to smblog unless environment variable NDPSMB_DEBUG is set.  Note this statement must be set before ndpsmb.dll is loaded.

   - attempt to fix ticket #16 (file create/access times wrong)


   - another DBCS change (Thanks KO Myung-Hun!)

   - Fix some EA problems

   - Fix BUFFER OVERFLOW problem with WinXP Server (Thanks Vitali!)

   - Update to Samba 3.0.25c level code


  - mask password field with ** in ndpsmb (Thanks Vitali)

  - Fix serious problem with cli structure (Thanks Vitali)


  - Ticket 32 fixed - Resources do not automatically reconnect if smbcd closes (Thanks Vitali & Yuri)

  - Ticket 33 fixed - smbcd crash when SMB_DISCONNECT is issued (Thanks Yuri)


  - Update source to 3.0.27a

  - Support kerberos authentication for Windows 2003 AD servers - requires working kinit to login

 ndpsmb-3.0.28-2008-01-04 (not publically released)

  - Modify plugin/smbcd to always try kerberos authentication if the kerberos libraries have been used - fallback is to use the user/password supplied


  - Kerberos enabled version is only available on request - will be included in future version of eCS

  - Do not print password details in logs, nor store them in plaintext in the ini files (Fixes ticket 50)

  - Restart smbcd.exe if it crashes - (Fixes ticket 52)


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