Store/read USENET news and mail v0.68 (SOUP format)

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This is a beta version of Yarn, a suite of programs used to store and
read USENET news and mail offline.  The user manual still needs work.


An import program inserts USENET articles into a "news base" from
Simple Offline USENET Packet (SOUP) format.  For each newsgroup, you
specify the number of days to keep articles, after which, an expire
program deletes them.

The news base stores only one copy of a cross-posted article.  The
news base implementation stores multiple articles per file.

The reader program runs in character mode and has a point and shoot
style user interface.  It presents a list of articles arranged into
threads by Message-ID and References headers.  The reader program
generates SOUP reply packets.

Multiple users are supported by storing separate configuration files
for each user.

Chin Huang


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