HPP - HomePage Publisher Version 1.0 for OS/2

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         HPP - HomePage Publisher Version 1.0 for OS/2 - README



 o This is release 1.0 of the HomePage Publisher Shofware for OS/2 product.




   HomePage Publisher (HPP) is a WYSIWYG Web Page Design tool for OS/2.

   (c) Copyright JBC 1995-1997 - All Rights Reserved.

   Licensed Materials - Property of JBC


   Welcome to HomePage Publisher for OS/2.


   This file contains information you need to install HomePage Publisher,

   and additional information not included in the product documentation.






 o This README file is divided into the following sections:



      What's new (Web Address)





      Support (E-MAIL Address)

      Software/Hardware Requirements

      Acknowledgment and Trademarks



 o What's new (Web Address)


   To get informed of the very last information about HPP, visit the

   following address : http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/clerin/



 o Installation


   Make sure you are installing the latest version of HPP, check it at

   the Web address mentioned in the What's new section.


   Installation from hard disk : create a temporary directory and copy

   (or unzip) all the files to that directory. Then run INSTALL.EXE


   You will find some additional information in the INSTALL.TXT file.



 o Evaluation


   This software is licensed software. This unregistered version of the

   HomePage Publisher software is provided FOR EVALUATION ONLY.


   The unregistered version of this package is limited to 100 saves and

   contains some other minor limitations that do not prevent you from

   seeing and trying the limited features (e.g. the color wheel and

   spell checking are not fully operational, the rows and columns numbers

   are limited for a table).


   Getting registered will remove those limitations.



 o Registration


   You will be given instructions for registering at the Web address

   mentioned in the What's new section.



 o Documentation


   A technical, on-line documentation is available with this version.



 o Support


   You may send bug reports at the address below. This software is

   provided "AS IS". JBC makes no guarantee to answer messages nor to

   fix any software defects reported. Please include your License ID

   and the version number with your note. You will be given your

   License ID when registering HPP. You can get the version number by

   selecting Product Information from the help menu. There is no phone

   support for this version of HomePage Publisher.


   E-MAIL:      JBC

   CompuServe:  100445,2342

   Internet:    100445.2342@CompuServe.Com



 o Software/Hardware Requirements



   o  Software Requirements


      - You are strongly recommended to apply the laster video drivers.

      - OS/2 V2.1 or higher (OS/2 Warp recommended).

      - The OS/2 Fonts "Helv", "Tms Rmn" and "Courier" are mandatory.

      - TCP/IP Internet Dialer (Optional, but recommended).


   o  Hardware Requirements


      - Processor  : 386 minimum (486-DX4 or higher strongly recommended).

      - Display    : VGA minimum (SVGA recommended).

      - RAM        : 8M minimum, 12M recommended.

      - Partition  : HPFS partition. (Optional, but recommended).

      - Disk Space : 5MB temporary space available during installation.

                     1MB for Software Installer.

                     5MB for HomePage Publisher.

                     2MB for help and online information.

                     10MB for swap space (minimum).



 o Acknowledgment and Trademarks



   This software (HomePage Publisher) is based in part on the work of

   the Independent JPEG Group.



   - IBM VisualAge C++ for OS/2, Version 3.0 Runtime Modules.

     (c) Copyright IBM Corporation 1995 - All Rights Reserved.

     Copies of these modules are provided 'AS IS'.

       Imported DLL name CPPOM30  has been changed to HPPOM30.

       Imported DLL name CPPOOB3  has been changed to HPPOOB3.

       Imported DLL name CPPOOU3  has been changed to HPPOOU3.

       Imported DLL name CPPOOR3U has been changed to HPPOOR3U.

   - IBM Software Installer, Version 1.4 Runtime Modules.

     (c) Copyright IBM Corporation - All Rights Reserved.

     Copies of these modules are provided 'AS IS'.


   IBM, OS/2, VisualAge C++, are registered trademarks or trademarks of

   International Business Machines Corporation.


   CompuServe is a registered trademark of CompuServe Incorporated.

   The Graphics Interchange Format(c) is the Copyright property of

   CompuServe Incorporated.  GIF(sm) is a Service Mark property of

   CompuServe Incorporated.


   Unisys is a registered trademark of Unisys Corporation.

   The GIF(sm) LZW decompression included in this software is licensed

   under U.S. Patent n?4,558,302 and foreign counterparts.


   (*) Other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.




 Most recent revision: January 03, 1997.

 Copyright (c) 1995-1997, JBC. All Rights Reserved.

 Licensed Materials - Property of JBC.





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