Tetris 1.01 program by Jim Garrison

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Tetris 1.01 program by Jim Garrison:

This Tetris game is a 32 bit OS/2 PM application that I wrote to get

some experience writing OS/2 PM programs.  The blocks that make up the 

pieces are bitmaps, so they can be scaled to larger or smaller size 

easily.  I have a lot of ideas for new features (like better sound, more 

new shapes, help, etc), and let me know if you have any suggestions.

Permission is granted to freely copy and distribute on a non-profit 


By the way, this information is all in the help for Tetris.

TO START Tetris:

From the shell, type 'Tetris'.  You can also type 'Tetris n', where

the n is the new size, in pixels to use for the blocks (16 is the

default, 8 is minimum, and 25 is maximum.)  You may also just click

on the Tetris icon (which will of course use 16 pixel square blocks).

TO PLAY Tetris:

The game starts when you move the mouse into the lefthand side of the

window (the playfield) and start the game by clicking the left mouse

button in it.  Different shaped pieces will fall down one at a time to

the bottom of the screen, and you can rotate them, move them, or make

them drop by pressing certain keys.

The keys are:

j or 4 = Move piece left

k or 5 = Rotate piece clockwise 90 degrees

l or 6 = Move piece right

Spacebar or 8 = Drop piece to bottom immediately

NOTE: NUM LOCK must be on if you use the number pad keys.

The object of the game is to drop all pieces so that there are no empty

spaces at the bottom.  When a solid row is completed, all the pieces

drop down one level and the speed at which the pieces fall increases.

When the pieces reach the top, and no more can drop down, the game is

over.  The top 10 scores are stored in the file tetris.score, which is

created if it doesn't exist.  When you get a high score, a small window

will pop up, so you can enter your name (or initials and date).  To

start a new game at any time, select the New Game menu item.  To pause

the game at any time, move the mouse out of the playfield (lefthand

window) and click the left mouse button.  To restart a paused game,

just move the mouse into the playfield and click the left mouse button

in it.

OPTIONS you can turn on or off:

Control Panel:

Sound     - Makes feeble beeps when a row is cleared.

NextPiece - Shows the next piece that will be dropped.

AutoPlay  - The game plays by itself.  At the end of the game, it will

            pause for 60 seconds, then restart itself again.

Level Menu:

Beginner  - Plays an easy game.  This is default level.

Advanced  - A little more difficult (faster)

Expert    - Usually good for a quick game!



I find that going into the Keyboard configuration program, in the Systems

Setup folder, and setting the Key Repeat Rate to FAST, and setting the 

Repeat Delay to SHORT, will make the game much snapier to play.  If you're 

really good, then slowing down the repeat rate will make the game more 






The initial release of Tetris.



This release fixes a bug, where the Tetris window is not properly updated

if you use any font other than the default menubar font.

Please let me know if you like this version of Tetris, or if you have

any enhancements or bugs to report.

Have fun,

Jim Garrison

Work phone (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM) (408) 447-6832


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