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An easy way to download and install Microsoft's TrueType core fonts on OS/2 

Warp or eCS.

* Introduction *

This package contain all tool and scripts needed to download and install M$ 

core TTF fonts on OS/2. 

This fonts are using by many pages on internet and some win32 applications.

As for me, microsoft fonts look better then default OS/2. This fonts contain

correct unicode table, so e.g. russian pages will look correctly.

* List of fonts *

After using this package you will get this truetype fonts:

Andale Mono


Arial Bold

Arial Bold Italic

Arial Black

Comic Sans MS

Comic Sans MS Bold

Courier New 

Courier New Bold

Courier New Bold Italic

Courier New Italic


Georgia Bold

Georgia Italic

Georgia Bold Italic



Tahoma Bold

Times New Roman

Times New Roman Bold

Times New Roman Bold Italic

Times New Roman Italic

Trebuschet MS

Trebuschet MS Bold

Trebuschet MS Bold Italic

Trebuschet MS Italic


Verdana Bold

Verdana Italic

Verdana Bold Italic


* How to use *

1) You need to have EMX package installed. 

2) Unpack all files from this package to some directory (e.g. c:\example)

3) Connect to internet and run file getfonts.cmd. It will ask confirmation

   and then it will download original microsoft fonts. After downloading

   it will unpack fonts from packages.

4) If all is ok (you is so lucky ;-)) you can find TTF files in "ttf\" dir and

   original packages in  "ms-fonts\" directory.

5) I advise you to delete other references to fonts like in this package \

   in OS/2 ini file. Run script iniclean.cmd to do this. If some fonts

   was deleted you need to reboot your OS/2, if not - goto step 6.

6) Open "Font Palette" from "System Setup" folder, click "Edit font","Add.." 

   and specify location of "ttf\" folder (e.g. c:\example\ttf). Select all fonts

   from list and add them. 

   WARNING!!! Please, avoid installing Times New Roman" font from this package 

   if the font with this name is already present on your system.

7) Optionally you can install FreeType font engine for truetype fonts. I really

   advise to do this, because truetype fonts are looking very bad with default 

   OS/2 font engine.

   Running script `install.cmd` from 'ftos2\bin\' directory along with the following system

   rebooting enable FreeType engine on your system.   

8) Enjoy :) No you can use fonts from this package in any OS/2 PM application :)

   You can test font support using web browser and url.

* Features *

Does not distribute Microsoft's fonts in a prohibited way (to the best of my 

knowledge that is). Can safely remove PM ini records to old and buggy winos2 


* Thanks to *

"MS TTF Core fonts on linux" project -


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