PMxEyes V2.0 for OS/2 마우스 따라 움직이는 눈동자

PMxEyes V2.0 for OS/2 2.* release: 21.07.1994 


PMXEYES2.ZIP including 

  - PMxEyes.exe, 

  - PMxEyes.inf, 

  - PMxEyes.txt.

Hello to all OS/2-users:

PMxEyes, a PM Program displaying eyes glancing

at your mousepointer, was inspired by XEYES on 

Unix Systems, (to prove that OS/2 is of equal ability!)

and also by the eyes of a beautiful young lady named 


Read the Online-Help-book PMxEyes.inf!

This program is postcardware, so you can use it freely. 

If you like it, just send me an email or a postcard to


Enjoy and use it!

(c) 1994 by Computer-Software-Entwicklung

              Martin Schwarz

              Meisenweg 5

              84544 Aschau a. Inn




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