Command line 32-bit RAR for DOS and OS/2

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                 Command line 32-bit RAR for DOS and OS/2


1. Introduction

   This package is 32 bit RAR version for DOS and OS/2. Unlike 16 bit

RAR/DOS it is able to create archives using dictionaries larger

than 64KB. This version is the command line only, full screen interface

is not supported. It works under OS/2 as native OS/2 application

handling long names and extended attributes. It also understands

long file names in Windows DOS box (except Windows NT), but it is

strongly recommended to use the native Win32 console rar.exe from

WinRAR package under Windows, which is more reliable and has better

performance in Win32 environment.

   RAR/DOS32 is built by EMX C compiler and uses RSX DPMI extender.

EMX can be downloaded from

RSX - from

2. Installation

   This distributive is DOS SFX archive, you need to run it to extract

its contents. Files emx.exe, rsx.exe and emx.dll should be placed to any

directory specified in PATH environment variable. It is also recommended,

though not required, to put rar32.exe to some PATH directory.

3. License

   RAR/DOS32 is shareware, it uses the same registration keys format

as WinRAR. Please read license.txt and register.txt files from WinRAR

distributive for further details.

   You may find latest versions of RAR/DOS32 and WinRAR on


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